Saves Lives

Care Counseling Center – an oasis of hope in the lonely desert of addiction. If yours or your loved ones’ lives has been weighed down by substance use – you don’t have to carry this burden alone! Our dedicated team of caring professionals is here to help. Book an appointment now and begin your journey of happiness and personal growth!

Our Mission:

To serve individuals, families, and communities impacted by substance abuse, mental health problems,
social injustices, and historic trauma. We focus on fostering personal and communal growth through individualized counseling, peer support, therapeutic safety, and inclusivity.

Specialized Programs

Senior Outpatient:

For older adults who have alcohol or substance abuse problems

Dual Diagnosis: Co-occurring disorders MICA

For people experiencing both mental health and chemical dependency problems


Intensive Multi-day Outpatient Program

Many people can begin recovery at this level. Focus is on meeting day-to-day challenges to sobriety for patients and/or family members.  Evening programs available.

Daily Outpatient

Initially, individuals attend this program based on their needs and then attendance is adjusted in accordance with progress. In addition to daily therapy groups, clients are exposed to peer support groups and 12 step meetings. Each client is also seen for individual therapy as needed.
Who We Are

Our Philosophy:

Addiction is a disease of mind, body, and spirit – not “bad choices” made by “bad people”
People thrive when they are able to access quality, informed care in the community, provided by
professional, dedicated staff who understand and embrace this philosophy.

Why Choose Us

The benefits of working with an expert team:

Our expert team of addiction medicine specialists and
therapists begin each person’s treatment experience with a
careful assessment to determine acuity and individual needs.
Special features include:

What People Say

Dedicated to the Community:

Having helped countless people in need, Care Counseling Center has become a recognized staple of the
Harlem community, with strong linkages to neighboring organizations, all working together to make our lives brighter. From soup kitchens to employment programs, our network of community partners is expansive, reliable, and mutually embracing.